Woman on verge of tears has ‘faith restored’ as lads on bikes rush to her aid in park


The world can be a bit of a grim place at times, and every now and then something happens which just restores your faith in humanity.

That’s exactly what has happened to one woman, when she found herself on the verge of tears in the middle of a park, after making a worrying discovery.

Jo Remedios, from New Ferry in Merseyside, was out walking her dog when she suddenly realised she had lost her house keys, and to make matters worse, the only spare key was with her husband, who was down in London.

“I started panicking and knocked at my neighbours. They had a ladder but I still needed the keys to open the door even from the inside,” the 32-year-old explained to the Liverpool Echo.

“I thought I’ll retrace my steps went back but I was hysterical. My partner is in London and he’s the only one with another key and he was thinking he’d have to drive home.”

Mid-panic and with no clue what else to do, Jo stopped three young boys who were riding through the park on bikes, and asked them if they’d be willing to help.

“I was like a mad woman all upset and these boys were going past on their bikes. I said, ‘can you please help me?’ And they threw their bikes down and came over straight away,” she added.

“I was just panicking thinking what am I going to do – I was nearly crying! They must have thought I was a mad woman in the park.”

After around 15 minutes of searching, the boys, James Grant, nine, and brothers Oliver Langan 10 and Louis Langan, eight, managed to track down the missing keys lying in the grass and Jo’s nightmare came to an end.

“I was so relieved, so I said can I take your picture for Facebook? They said why and I said because you’re amazing and you’ve helped me,” she said, adding that she went straight home and posted a thank you message on social media.

Jo posted the picture on Facebook, writing: “Whosever parents these boys are they are a credit to you.

“I lost my keys whilst I let my dog have a run on the New Ferry park they threw their bikes down when they seen I was hysterical thinking I was locked out and stuck!!!!!

“Thank you so much, you lovely kind boys.”

The post was quickly inundated with comments praising the boys, and it was even spotted by their parents, who described their sons as “true gentlemen” and “just lovely boys.”

“It puts your faith back in people. They were just dead helpful, they were polite.

“They didn’t have to do what they did, they could have carried on going to the park. They were just lovely, absolutely lovely kids,” Jo added.

“You hear so many bad things about kids I just thought they deserved the recognition. I just don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t have been there to help me look. I was so lucky.”