Science SC governor issues evacuation for Grand Strand area
Author: 0 SC governor issues evacuation for Grand Strand area

The storm's potential path also includes half a dozen nuclear power plants, pits holding coal-ash and other industrial waste, and numerous pig farms that store animal waste in massive open-air lagoons. "People are getting frantic, I know some people were upset when we were out of gas", Schrock said in a phone interview. The Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1, but cooler water and higher wind shear - winds moving at different speeds and directions - early in the season ...

Science Amazon chief Jeff Bezos gives $2bn to help the homeless
Author: 0 Amazon chief Jeff Bezos gives $2bn to help the homeless

The Day 1 Families Fund will issue annual leadership awards to organizations that are doing "needle-moving" work to provide shelter and hunger support for families with young children. Bezos thanked people for sending in suggestions about what he should spend money on. When Seattle passed a tax in May on large companies to fight the city's growing homelessness crisis, Amazon balked and even temporarily halted construction planning on a new high-rise building near its headquarters.

Author: 0 Hurricane Florence Loses Steam, but Shifting Forecast Predicts Huge Rainfall

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned against complacency. The National Hurricane Center said the storm's strength should continue through Thursday. "While some weakening is expected to begin by late Thursday, Florence is still forecast to be an extremely unsafe major hurricane when it nears the USA coast on Friday", the NHC said in an 11 a.m.

Science Dont play games with it: Florence takes aim at Carolinas
Author: 0 Dont play games with it: Florence takes aim at Carolinas

Its winds could approach Category 5 strength, which means winds of 157 miles per hour (253 kph) or higher. Hurricane Watch remains in effect for Charleston and Berkeley Counties, as well as for Charleston Harbor and the nearshore waters adjacent the Charleston County coast Storm Surge Watch remains in effect from Edisto Beach north to South Santee River and Tidal Berkeley County.

Science Time almost up: Fierce Hurricane Florence aims at Southeast - Story | WFLD
Author: 0 Time almost up: Fierce Hurricane Florence aims at Southeast - Story | WFLD

The outer bands of Hurricane Florence are just starting to lash out at the Carolinas, but it won't be long before the slow moving storm drops rain in the Pittsburgh area. "It will probably fall faster than it can leave. There will be some rain but at the moment it doesn't look as though that's going to be the issue". Hurricane Florence carries a heavy risk of flash floods as it brings up to 13-foot storm surge and a possible 40 inches of rain to the Carolina coast.

Author: 0 Artificial Intelligence Helps Astronomers Locate Fast Radio Bursts

Fast radio bursts are among the most mysterious occurrences in the Universe, and a few have also speculated that they may originate from alien technology. A group of scientists who worked on the algorithm that is used the methods used and IT companies to optimize search results and image classification.

Science California to phase out fossil fuels by 2045
Author: 0 California to phase out fossil fuels by 2045

The legislation requires retail electricity suppliers within the state to secure 100 percent of their power from renewables or zero-emissions sources by 2045 and updates the state's existing renewable portfolio standard (RPS). The bulk of that is solar energy. The bill and executive order puts California on a path to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement, Brown said.

Science Hurricane Florence evacuations expand, with 'disaster at doorstep'
Author: 0 Hurricane Florence evacuations expand, with 'disaster at doorstep'

Florence, now a Category 2 hurricane , is forecast to unleash extreme storm surge , possibly historic flooding rains, and damaging winds in the Carolinas beginning Thursday. "This is no ordinary storm, and people could be without power for a very long time - not days but weeks", a president of one energy company in North Carolina said on Wednesday.

Science Hurricane Florence Shifts Course, Will Make a 'Grand Tour' of Southeastern States
Author: 0 Hurricane Florence Shifts Course, Will Make a 'Grand Tour' of Southeastern States

In Virginia, officials have evacuated one state prison, though local jails in the affected area are planning to keep inmates in place after stockpiling food and fuel, the Virginian-Pilot reports . Across several eastern states, residents scrambled to leave as the Category 4 storm , with winds of 225kmh, approached. "This is going to be a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast ", said Jeff Byard, associate administrator for response and recovery at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Author: 0 Hurricane Florence threatens millions on US East Coast

The federal government is warning Canadians to avoid all travel to a stretch of the U.S. East Coast that is expected to be hammered by hurricane Florence . Florence's nighttime winds were down to 115 miles per hour (185 kph) from a high of 140 miles per hour (225 kph), and the Category 4 storm fell to a Category 3, with a further slow weakening expected as the storm nears the coast.

Author: 0 Rick Scott to deploy emergency teams, resources ahead of Hurricane Florence

The storm, which is building up over the Atlantic, is due to make landfall in either North or SC within the next few days, and is expected to be the worst storm to hit the area in 30 years. "Hugo was a direct hit", he said. "We hope to have something left when we get home", she said. One wrote: 'I hope everyone in the path of Florence's massive penis stays safe'.

Science Hurricane Florence from space:
Author: 0 Hurricane Florence from space: "A no-kidding nightmare"

That's because, on the ground, the storm has brought mayhem. On Wednesday, forecasters projected Florence - now a category 4 hurricane - will likely slow down and turn south after slamming the East Coast. The video was taken on Tuesday as Florence churned across the Atlantic in a west-northwesterly direction with winds of 130 miles per hour. It's the latest advisory - albeit from a different perspective - that residents from Maryland to Georgia should be prepared for a risky storm.

Science Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4
Author: 0 Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4

The North and SC coasts are on high alert as residents brace for Hurricane Florence's brutal lashing . With winds of 125 mph and a span of hundreds of miles, Hurricane Florence is already one of the largest and strongest hurricanes ever to threaten the East Coast .

Author: 0 Florence path shifts, could impact Middle Georgia late this weekend

The hurricane center's projected track Wednesday had Florence hovering off the southern North Carolina coast from Thursday night until landfall Saturday morning or so, about a day later than previously expected. Forecasters do not expect that strength to change much before it makes landfall late Thursday or early Friday near the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

Science Meteorologist's Reaction to Hurricane Florence: 'Wow'
Author: 0 Meteorologist's Reaction to Hurricane Florence: 'Wow'

President Donald Trump on September 11 declared states of emergency for North and SC, to open avenues for federal aid. People across the region rushed to buy bottled water and other supplies, board up their homes, pull their boats out of the water and get out of town.

Author: 0 Hurricane Florence photographed with super wide lens from space

The Category 4 storm is located 905 miles (1456 km) east of Cape Fear, North Carolina and has maximum wind speeds of 130 mph (209 km/h), according to the National Hurricane Center . Forecasters also were tracking two other disturbances. Here are five facts that show the power of this monster of a hurricane. "This is the craziest one".

Author: 0 NOAA director warns of 'serious situation' ahead of Hurricane Florence

Today, Florence is still sitting over warm, moist waters, which are fueling its howling winds. "All you have to do is look up at your ceiling, and think about 12 feet (of water)". The City of Raleigh recommends people avoid running dishwashers and clothes washers, limit the amount of water used for showering and limit the amount of toilet flushing during a storm.

Science Abortion activists send Susan Collins 3,000 coat hangers, urge vote against Kavanaugh
Author: 0 Abortion activists send Susan Collins 3,000 coat hangers, urge vote against Kavanaugh

Rather, if she votes against Kavanaugh, the GoFundMe campaign will refund all the donations to those who contributed. Collins is one of the two Republican senators representing blue states, and most likely to "flip" against Kavanaugh. FILE - In this February 15, 2018, photo, Sen. In other words, Collins' campaign will effectively gain $1.1 million if the senator votes against Trump's nominee.

Author: 0 Hurricane Florence Tracker: Warnings Sent Out for North, South Carolina

This means catastrophic floods could follow if the hurricane stalls inland. At more than 470 miles across, Florence is 56% wider than the typical Atlantic hurricane. Winds and massive waves will pound coastal North and SC when Florence makes landfall on Friday, and its rains will take a heavy toll for miles inland, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned.

Science Why Hurricane Florence Could Generate Historic Rainfall
Author: 0 Why Hurricane Florence Could Generate Historic Rainfall

SC and North Carolina have ordered evacuations for people living in vulnerable areas along the coast. Hurricane Watches have been issued for the entire North Carolina coast with Tropical Storm Watches in effect for those along the I-95 corridor.

Author: 0 How Hurricane Florence Will Affect Your Flights This Week

It's now considered a Category 4 hurricane , but the NWS expects the storm to strengthen over the next day or so. The storm now has sustained winds of roughly 130 miles per hour. Federal forecasters expect the storm to make landfall on Friday with 130 mile-per-hour (215 kph) winds and massive waves, with rains taking a heavy toll inland.

Science Track Hurricane Florence as it heads for the East Coast
Author: 0 Track Hurricane Florence as it heads for the East Coast

Evacuations have already begun in North and SC, where supermarket shelves have been stripped and petrol stations run dry as people prepare to escape its path. North Carolina governor Roy Cooper described the storm as "a monster". A storm surge watch is also in effect for part of this area. The federal government was "absolutely, totally prepared" for Florence, the president said, according to a live stream of his press conference at the White House.

Science South Carolina Coast Ordered To Evacuate Ahead Of Hurricane Florence
Author: 0 South Carolina Coast Ordered To Evacuate Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

A hurricane bringing 90 miles per hour winds and the risk of devastating storms and floods is hurtling toward the U.S., prompting a large portion of the East Coast to declare a formal state of emergency . McMaster also said in a news conference on Monday that officials will reverse the lanes on four big roads going away from the coast. "When weather forecasters tell us 'life threatening, ' we know it's serious".

Science Isaac continues to advance, some watches and warnings issued
Author: 0 Isaac continues to advance, some watches and warnings issued

Though Isaac is expected to weaken before making landfall and return to a Tropical Storm by late Thursday, numerous islands are still rebuilding following Hurricane Maria and are expected to experience heavy rain, winds, rough surf and increased rip currents in the oncoming days.