Riot Games to Pay Out $10 Million in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit


The lawsuit began when two women, one of which still worked at Riot, filed a class-action suit in November 2018, alleging women at Riot are "denied equal pay" and have their "careers stifled because they are women". Now, Riot is looking to settle the lawsuits for good, promising to pay out $10 million.

As reported by The LA Times, the studio has to pay out the sum according to newly filed court documents and compensate female employees who have been discriminated against when it comes to pay. Encompassing both full-time and contract workers, the individual payouts will depend on that status and the length of employment.

KitGuru Says: If this settlement agreement is accepted by the judge, then this class-action lawsuit business should be put to bed, although Riot will need to demonstrate some change internally to remain out of trouble.

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Riot further elaborates on their statement in this blog post.

It's clear that positive steps have been made by Riot Games following the initial reporting and walkouts from employees, but some problems do still remain. These included "hiring a Chief Diversity Officer and situating them in the highest rungs the company, deemphasizing hiring hardcore gamers over other qualified candidates and investigating or removing problem employees".

Taking place in Riyadh from 5th to 7th December, "The Nexus" will be the company's first League of Legends esports competition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The company has also reviewed its payment, promotion and contracting practices to be fair and transparent. The lawsuit followed a detailed investigation by gaming publication Kotaku into Riot Games' alleged culture of bias against women. "We aim to change cards in ways that don't overnerf them or leave them obsolete, since we think one of the worst experiences in card games is when a card gets over-nerfed or banned - which can leave an entire deck no longer functional". Do you think Riot is going to take more serious steps in improving its corporate culture?