Warren health care plan pledges no middle class tax increase


Rather, all of the estimated $52 trillion in health spending over a decade would be paid via the federal government.

"We can generate nearly half of what we need to cover Medicare for All just by asking employers to pay slightly less than what they are projected to pay today, and through existing taxes", Warren wrote in a 20-page online post detailing her program.

Sanders said he has done more than 30 rallies in the state, has about 6,000 volunteers and "we take nothing for granted". Warren acknowledged that a "key step in winning the public debate over Medicare for All will be explaining what this plan costs - and how to pay for it", and said health insurance and drug companies would push back to protect their profits.

Hospitals and doctors would have to adjust to lower payments from the new government plan than they now get from private insurers.

When asked how it would be financed, Warren promised an answer is coming.

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd outside the State House on Thursday. "Today I think about all the kids this year who will face the double blow of almost losing a parent and then watching their lives turn upside down as their families struggle to pay a growing stack of medical bills". "Health care is a human right, and we need a system that reflects our values", the Democratic presidential contender wrote in a 20-page essay outlining her plan that will be published on the website Medium. Bernie Sanders, who has championed the proposal as well but said it would require a tax hike on the middle class.

She says that Medicare for All's wiping out of private health insurance's premiums, deductibles and co-pays will effectively result in an $11 trillion pay raise for Americans, which will generate $1.4 trillion in new taxes.

"Do you think there's been any truth in advertising on that it's gonna raise taxes on middle class people, not just wealthy people?" Since then, pressure mounted on her to deliver the details on funding. Moreover, billionaires will face a six percent wealth tax. It will also largely tax the rich. Finally, she plans to generate $798 billion over 10 years by eliminating what she called a Pentagon "slush fund" for defense spending. Still, the price tag could be far higher.

Warren maintains that a single-payer, Medicare for all system could cover everyone in the US and provide expanded benefits, including long-term care, for roughly what the country is now slated to spend on healthcare - about $52 trillion over the course of a decade.

He also told reporters that he differs from Biden on his position of health-care for all. Many have had problems paying medical bills and more than a third say they have gone without medical treatment because of the costs.