WADA was not equipped to handle size of Russian doping scandal: Reedie


"If someone were to ask me or someone else in the DOSB, do you have 100 per cent confidence in Wada, I do not believe that there would be many who would give an unqualified yes", Hormann told dpa ahead of a Wada conference in Katowice from Tuesday (Nov 5). These words which I used at the 4th World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg 2013, are still true today. "It is not a new idea to engage big sponsors as part of their corporate social responsibility".

"The clear question is did any of the allegations concerning Salazar and his operations result in athletes cheating themselves, which might have influenced their performance and might have involved the winning of competitions", Wada president Sir Craig Reedie told BBC Sport.

"The WADA Executive Committee's decision of September 2018 to reinstate RUSADA after three years of non-compliance, under the strictest of conditions, broke a long-standing impasse between the Agency and the Russian authorities", Reedie said.

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach had previously called for Wada to investigate the NOP athletes.

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A total of $5m of that amount will go towards storing test samples from pre-Olympics testing for ten years, while the other $5m will be put towards stepping up scientific research efforts and strengthening the investigative powers of Wada itself.

In a panel discussion at the Fifth World Conference on Doping in Sport in Poland, Ms Mohamed stated that there was need to create confidential avenues that will encourage reporting of doping cases in a bid to promote the sanctity and integrity of sports.

In 2016, the WADA Independent Commission chaired by Canadian sports law professor Richard McLaren delivered a report, which stated in particular that Russian Federation allegedly employed a state-sponsored doping system. "We've been in this crisis for five years now, and that crisis is unfortunately becoming even worse and deeper now". "And we need the same kind" of support. "Together with the governments, we have approved a 47-per-cent cumulative budget increase from about $30 million in 2017 to about $44 million in 2022".

Half of WADA's budget of about $40 million a year comes from the Olympic movement, and the IOC's injection of another $10 million contribution is significant.