Republicans Move Jim Jordan to Intel Committee ahead of Public Impeachment Hearings


She noted that the whistleblower was not among administration officials who heard the president ask Ukraine's leader during a July 25 telephone conversation to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination to challenge Trump in 2020.

President Trump, ahead of the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, maintained Friday that the all-consuming political storm is actually making him "stronger" by energizing the base-claiming the parade of witnesses to date has not hurt him while turning up his attacks on the whistleblower who triggered the probe.

"This is a third party who was not privy to the call and did not have firsthand information", she said. She defended her father against the impeachment investigation but called the identity of the whistleblower "not particularly relevant".

She said the individual's identity is not "particularly relevant" to her, "aside from what the motivation behind all of this was".

When pressed on President Trump's Ukraine quid pro quo, Ivanka Trump dodged the question by mentioning the White House-released memo of the now-infamous call between her father and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that was part of an effort to dig up false allegations against POTUS' political rivals.

"Rather than wait, under a year, until the people can decide for themselves based on his record and based on his accomplishments, this new effort has, has commenced", she said.

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Republicans are temporarily moving aside a current member of the panel to make space for the OH lawmaker on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, in an unusual move that heralded the seriousness of the situation for Trump and his party. "That person's own lawyer, immediately following the inauguration, said that the coup was beginning", Ivanka said.

"The president put forth a transcript".

Ivanka Trump told the AP she has not been reading transcripts of closed-door interviews conducted in the impeachment inquiry.

President Trump has been demanding to know the whistleblower's identity and calling for the person to testify in public, even though federal law gives whistleblowers the right to remain anonymous.

Amid criticism of the way they handled the impeachment inquiry, Trump and his top aides increased their assistance to some of the GOP senators who will play key roles in determining the President's fate.

And on the question of whether she also wants four more years at the White House, the mother of three said the answer would largely depend on the needs of her children. In Morocco, she spoke with women entrepreneurs, who are benefitting from new land titling reforms.