Pokemon Sword & Shield English Overview trailer


Where are all these enormous Pokemon going to be hiding?

Well then you're in luck, as a new trailer from Nintendo has just released, condensing everything the game has to offer into a mere five minute presentation. These games were 3D remakes of Pokemon Yellow, and were made to be a little more user friendly than most mainline Pokemon games. Any Pokemon you manage to catch in Sword and Shield will be eligible, with a few "special" exceptions.

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There are also some leaks and rumors pointing that the Pokedex will grow larger once they complete the main storyline of the game, saying that it will start from 400 and will eventually reach 632. Players can also level up using Exp Candies. Mints will change stat growth patterns, and drinks like Protein and Iron will change base points. Candy, which are similar to Rare Candies, but they give experience directly instead. No longer will players have to hope to find a Pokemon Center with a PC in order to access the Boxes where Pokemon are sent.

That means even if you own some of the Pokemon in earlier games, they still won't be available for the Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as future Pokemon games if they aren't listed. Called The Galar Beginning, there aren't too many details about it at the moment, but we know about one of its particular rules and, more importantly, when it's taking place. Pre-hundreds for Pokemon Sword & Protect are are residing factual now and you earn double Gold Aspects while you pre-boom sooner than 15th November.