Merkel slams Macron for calling North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 'brain dead'


Macron "used drastic words, that is not my view of cooperation in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation", said Merkel after talks with visiting chief of the translantic defence alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

"Any attempt to distance Europe from North America will not only weaken the transatlantic Alliance, it also risks dividing Europe itself", he said on Thursday in comments reported by Reuters.

Macron had earlier decried NATO's inability to react to what he called Turkey's "crazy" offensive and said it was time Europe stopped acting like a junior ally when it came to the Middle East. He warned European countries that they could not count on USA defense assistance. He said the United States under Trump appears to be "turning its back on us", notably by pulling troops out of northeast Syria without notice.

Macron lauded nascent European defence integration initiatives independent of the United States.

'We need to reopen a strategic dialogue, without being naive and which will take time, with Russian Federation, ' said Macron, who is seeking to broker an end to the conflict in Ukraine and has courted President Vladimir Putin as a partner.

Merkel, however, said, that "we in Europe certainly must take our fate in our hands a bit more, but the trans-Atlantic alliance is indispensable for us and I think there are many areas in which NATO works well".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said he was overreacting.

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The European allies fear the US withdrawal from northeastern Syria will cause a security vacuum that can be exploited by Islamist militants.

President Trump has criticised other NATO members during his political campaign and presidency for failing to pay their fair share of defence spending to sustain the organisation, with the United States of America funding some 70 per cent of the security alliance.

"I don't mediate that such sweeping judgements are basic, even if we now have considerations and deserve to drag together", she added.

"I welcome European unity, I welcome efforts to strengthen European defense, but European unity can not replace trans-Atlantic unity", he added.

"Europe has forgotten that it is a community, by increasingly thinking of itself as a market.", said Mr Macron, who recently blocked expanding the European Union to include North Macedonia and Albania. He said he saw Europe as a balancing power between others: "to put it very simply, we have the right not to be outright enemies with our friends' enemies".

In an interview with British weekly The Economist, Emmanuel Macron expressed doubt about USA -led NATO's security maxim that an attack on one ally is an attack on all, which has underpinned transatlantic ties since the alliance's 1949 foundation.

US Secretary of Order Mike Pompeo, talking accurate thru a discuss over with to the German metropolis of Leipzig as portion of anniversary events for the tumble of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, also disregarded Macron's remarks.