Instagram test of hiding ‘likes spreading to US


So far, Instagram has been testing hidden like counts in seven countries, including Brazil, Canada, Japan, and others.

Say goodbye to your Instagram likes.

With the new move, an Instagram user will be able to see how many "likes" their photos or videos receive, however, the public will not. But those likes will soon be hidden for some US users.

When Instagram first announced about removing likes from the platform, a spokesperson from the company had said in a statement, "We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get".

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Now the United States will join the list.

This announcement came through Instagram head Adam Mosseri while talking at the WIRED25 conference.

Speaking at the Wired 25 conference in San Francisco, Mosseri estimated there were about several hundred people in the audience and said some of them would definitely see their likes hidden. This has been a cause for concern for Instagram influencers who make their livings by not only the number of followers they have but by the interaction they receive with how many people like their posts. The company has tried for years to combat the competitive trend by promoting good role models via posts on its instagram account, hoping to reflect the parts of the app that are about creativity and art as opposed to self-promotion. Likewise, you won't be able to see the like count on other people's content.

Now, according to Mosseri's statements on stage, Instagram will begin rolling this "test" out to US users as early as next week.