How 'Crazy Rich Asians' paved the way for 'Last Christmas'


Others believe that the lack of chemistry just came down to a bad case of miscasting, particularly regarding Emilia Clarke and her character Kate. He is as bubbly as she is depressed.

"Last Christmas" was written by Emma Thompson (who also plays Kate's heavily accented mother - their family are longtime Londoners who emigrated from war-torn Yugoslavia) and Bryony Kimmings.

Santa runs a tight sleigh, and Kate/Elf's productivity has been flagging since her health issues a year previous.

Tom shows up again and takes Kate ice skating since she has an audition for "Frozen" on Ice.

Michelle Yeoh is amusing as Santa, Kate's Christmas-obsessed boss with plenty of mean zingers for her increasingly careless employee. The regal Michelle Yeoh plays Kate's boss, and there's a clever joke where she explains she chose "Santa" as her Anglicized name so that her Christmas shop would play better to customers. Still, it's obvious the producers are out to lure the "I love Christmas movies" crowd into theaters. Its salvation is the warm rapport between Golding and Clarke (when they do appear together), a Christmas gibbon, and the distraction of all those twinkly lights, which are used liberally. However, because this is a romantic dramedy - the audience and Kate soon begin to realize that Tom isn't exactly who he says he is.

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Asked on the show if the film was "anti-Brexit", the star said: "Yes, definitely". Her courting everyday living is a sequence of one particular-evening-stands that stop in disaster, and she's scarcely clinging to a menial retail task at a vacation boutique that specializes in really horrifying Christmas-themed novelties.

We all adore Thompson as an actress, and she won an Oscar for one of my all time favorite movies - Sense and Sensibility. You will probably guess the twist which takes a long time to reveal but the lesson to be glad you are alive and to change a sulking, glum, "I hate everything" personality is a worthy one. Though "Last Christmas" is marketed as a romantic comedy, there's little romance to be found; it's hard to buy into Kate and Tom's chemistry when Golding's character reads more as a walking, talking self-help manual than an actual human being. "Last Christmas" is about as buoyant as leftover eggnog.

That conversation sowed the germ of a winning idea: to make a film inspired by "Last Christmas", so in Spring 2013, Emma Thompson visited George Michael at his London home who gave her his blessing. Choose the amount that works best for you, and know how much we appreciate your support! Movies like "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat" made Feig one of Hollywood's top comedy directors, but since his "Ghostbusters" reboot, Feig has turned more toward other genres, relying on narrative twists that he can't always pull off.

Casting two actors from Crazy Rich Asians was a good start. Ironically, what you get is a movie that is 50-50. But "Last Christmas" captures a diverse London of immigrants and outsiders, and gravitates not toward its tourist landmarks but its street dwellers. Let everyone know with a comment!