Google forges new 'app defense alliance' to fix Android malware menace


Essentially, the app icon started to disappear from the home screen for some users, making it hard for them to access Auto.

With the launch of the Android 10, Google made a decision to bake in Android Auto in the operating system instead of letting it float as a standalone application. Increasingly, what should its job of proactively catching bad apps has been passed on to users, who must carefully inspect every app they intend to install on their devices. This app is a stopgap solution until Google's revamped Assistant Driving Mode for smartphones becomes available.

App Defense Alliance partners can now send app analysis requests to the Google Play Protect (GPP) scanner service and receive the scan results whenever they found new Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs) in the wild. To fix this, Google made a decision to launch a dedicated application for users who were left with the standalone Android Auto application on Android 10.

The fight against malicious apps will never end and the only thing to do is to enhance detection and blocking mechanisms as Product Manager for Google Play Andrew Ahn revealed in the Google Play Store 2018 yearly review issued in January 2019. Google says that this will "generate new app risk intelligence as apps are being queued to publish". "Partners will evaluate that dataset and act as one more, critical established of eyes prior to an application likely live on the Participate in Retail outlet".

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The announcement came Wednesday, with each company confirming their part in the newly created App Defense Alliance.

Google's plan for Android in cars is to make it completely hands-free so you're focused on driving and not tapping on your phone screen.

This alliance involves a secure two-way communication system between Google and its partners to share information about threats, samples, detection systems and feedback their systems through the results of the other allies. For those without a compatible vehicle display Assistant Driving Mode was meant to be the option but as it is not ready Google created that a new Android Auto just for smart phones would be created as a "stopgap" measure until Assistant Driving Mode was ready.