Gender Reveal in Texas Reportedly Led to Plane Crash


In yet another case of straight madness, an elaborate gender reveal stunt involving 350 gallons of pink water has gone horribly wrong and crashed a plane in Texas.

A plane crash in Turkey, Texas, on September 7 was the result of a gender reveal gone wrong, a National Transportation Safety Board report says.

A National Transportation Safety Board report released Thursday says the pilot dumped about 350 gallons (1,325 liters) of pink water from the aircraft, which then stalled and crashed.

He told officials that he was manoeuvring at a low altitude when the plane "got too slow", causing it to aerodynamically stall before crashing.

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A Federal Aviation Administration inspector also reported that there were two people aboard the single seat plane.

The Pilot-Raj Horan allegedly was conducting "a gender reveal flight for a friend".

In October, a family in Iowa inadvertently built a pipe bomb for a party that exploded and killed a grandmother. One person sustained a minor injury.

Last year, an Arizona man was ordered to pay more than $8-million in restitution after an exploding target that was part of a gender-reveal stunt sparked a wildfire that burned almost 47,000 acres. In line with a report from the Nationwide Transportation Security Board, the airplane was created to hold only one particular person.