‘Coup has started’: Whistleblower’s Attorney said in 2017


The July phone call, in which Trump asked for a "favour" does not mention funding and House Democrats are attempting to draw a direct line between the two events to back their claim of a "quid pro quo", or political extortion.

Mark Zaid, an attorney representing the anonymous whistleblower, whose complaint sparked an impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump, in 2017 posted a series of tweets announcing his plan to take down the 45th president, straightforwardly calling it a "coup".

He is attacking House Democrats for their impeachment inquiry, saying their "shameful conduct has created an angry majority".

President Donald Trump urged supporters in Monroe, Louisiana, Wednesday night to cast their ballot early for Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, who is challenging Democratic incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in a November 16 runoff election.

Democrats launched the impeachment investigation in August after the whistle-blower sent a formal complaint to the inspector general of the intelligence community, alleging that Mr Trump improperly pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a July 25 phone call to help the United States leader's upcoming re-election campaign. "We have to get John Bel Edwards out of office".

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Here are the photos and videos of Trump supporters in Louisiana rally. That game will pit the second- and third-ranked teams in a high-profile Southeastern Conference clash that has major playoff implications. "Everybody who's been watching this bullsh** for three years sees what a farce it has been all along".

Amid calls by the President himself to expose the whistle-blower, Mr Donald Trump Jr tweeted the name of a Central Intelligence Agency analyst which has circulated online for weeks, and linked to a Breitbart news article implying the person was pro-Democrat and anti-Trump.

But in Mississippi, Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves was elected governor Tuesday night, four days after the president rallied the GOP faithful for him in Tupelo.

President Donald Trump is talking optimistically about the 2020 elections, despite the warning signs for Republicans that came out of Kentucky, Virginia and elsewhere Tuesday.

The Daily Beast, which first spotted the question to Taylor, previously reported that Republicans had mentioned the name of the rumored whistleblower during depositions with impeachment witnesses.