Bill Gates Claims Windows Mobile Could Have Beaten Android


Gates said he's already "paid more than anyone in taxes", totaling more than $10 billion in his lifetime.

After coming under attack by billionaires Bill Gates and Leon Cooperman over her wealth tax plan, Sen. "I'm glad to have-If I had to pay $20 billion, it's fine", he told the New York Times DealBook Conference on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, a group of American richest men signed an open letter calling on the presidential candidate to levy a wealth tax on the super rich.

Asked to choose between Warren and President Trump for the 2020 Presidential elections, Gates said he'd vote the "more professional" candidate.

Changes to the tax code require the approval of the U.S. Congress so "more rational minds" could prevail, Frank said.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who has proposed his own wealth tax to fund social programs, jumped into the fray on Thursday, tweeting that Gates would still be a multi-billionaire even if he paid $100 billion in wealth taxes.

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Under the original plan, households with a net worth between $50m (£39m) and $1bn (£780m) will be charged with a 2% "wealth tax" every year.

Given that wealth consolidation has been such a hot topic this election season, it's no surprise that Gates's comments reverberated online nearly immediately, with some expressing anti-billionaire comments and others defending him. Then, he added, "Sorry - I'm just kidding, ' to chuckles from a live audience".

Elizabeth Warren says she'd be happy to sit down with Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates to explain her tax proposals to him after he expressed doubt about her plans to soak the rich.

The "incentive system" could be impacted by new taxes, and there are other ways to raise capital "without threatening" the existing system, he said. Microsoft faced a similar scenario back when Gates was still running the show. Though he also says, "I don't have a life where I'm allowed to complain, because basically only 99 percent of things have worked out very, very well".

Invoice Gates mentioned Wednesday that he "made a mistake" when he determined to fulfill with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein whereas in search of cash for his worldwide well being marketing campaign. He said he hopes the 'more professional candidate is an electable candidate'. (I promise it's not $100 billion.).

Gates, along with his wife Melinda Gates and famed investor Warren Buffett, is a founder of The Giving Pledge, a campaign encouraging the ultra-wealthy to give most of their money to philanthropic causes.