Amazon Alexa Can Now Remind You to Take Your Medication on Time


Amazon's Alexa voice assistant has migrated to a lot of devices of late, including eyeglasses, ear buds and microwave ovens. If you speak a language that is used in more than one country, you can get Alexa to speak in the style of the country.

Earlier this year, Alexa welcomed a newscaster voice sometimes in January. At the same time, newly developed speaking styles can color speech provided by Alexa via a full range of compatible devices (most notably all of the Echo speakers line), making it more human and intuitive. Unfortunately, Amazon has not chosen to make that choice yet. The first is Alexa's ability to respond with either a happy/excited voice, or a disappointed/empatheric tone when appropriate. In this article, unfortunately, the voice of Mr. Jackson is not available (at least, not for me). Enable the skill and you're good to go.

There is, however, a workaround. In short, Alexa is about to appear much more widely across your smart home, not just in smart speakers and displays.

There are a couple of catches. You can hear some samples of these different emotional responses (and compare them to Alexa's "neutral tone") right here.

Amazon's decision to roll out the new feature comes after the company saw that a large number of Alexa owners were using its reminder systems and other feedback features.

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"If you think Amazon & # 39; s personal personal assistant is ubiquitous, you haven't seen anything yet", Chris Smith wrote in Trusted evaluations. Tap on the one you want to switch to. What the heck select OK.

You'll then get a pop-up notifying that the switch will take a few minutes.

Youre done! And despite the warning, it didnt take long at all for my Echo Dot to switch from a U.S. to a United Kingdom accent. This can take away from the overall experience if you were hoping for an intelligent-sounding digital assistant.

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Excellent news for makers, however is that this unhealthy information for privateness critics who suppose there are simply too many related devices in houses to relaxation in a microphone-friendly atmosphere?