Why You Should Install The October 2019 Android Security Update ASAP


However, this does not mean that Google will stop providing updates to Android Pie due to the fact that the roadmap states that it is expected to receive updates until the launch of Android 11 which will be around August 2020. The tech giant releases monthly Android Security Bulletin but sometimes, the fixes and patches are not enough.

Android fragmentation is one of the biggest problems of Google's operating system.

Google has admitted that some Android smartphones have recently become vulnerable to a serious zero-day exploit that the company thought it had patched for good nearly two years ago.

Kernel privilege escalation using a use-after-free vulnerability, accessible from inside the Chrome sandbox.
In other words, new devices submitted to Google after this date will need to run Android 10.

This particular vulnerability is strong in the sense that it only "requires little or no per-device customization" as per Google.

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Google's Project Zero security team discovered the bug on September 27 and disclosed it to the company's Android developers. Check for any updates about CVE-2019-2215.

Popular recent devices such as Samsung Galaxy 7, 8, 9, Huawei P20, Xiaomi Redmi A1, 5A and Note 5, Motorola Z3, Oppo A3 and Oreal LG phones are believed to be vulnerable to exploit, based on Project Zero's source code review.

The issue came to light recently when the Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) got wind that an exploit for an unknown flaw, attributed to the Israeli NSO Group, was being used in real-world attacks.

We also see the patch for a nasty 0-day vulnerability included, but since it wasn't assigned a CEV we're not quite sure which one it is.

Google will start rolling out the October 2019 security patch Tuesday, and other manufacturers will likely have their own version live within the next few days.