Watch The Brand New Trailer For Disney & Pixar's 'Onward'


In a race against time, the brothers, who are "missing" their father in a most unique way, seek an ancient map from the Manticore-once a fearless warrior whose tavern served as a waystation for travelers embarking on epic quests. From the early teasers for Onward, we thought that the twist is that those brothers are a slacker and a nerd living in a suburban cul-de-sac who go on their quest to find their father in a beat-up van.

Having presumably passed away before Ian (Holland) could meet him, the dad left behind a magical staff to cast a spell giving the family one day to be together. Watch the new trailer above.

Tom Holland gets a really special gift for his 16th birthday in the new trailer for Disney Pixar's Onward. The father's legs are outfitted with clothes so that in can walk around in disguise.

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Disney has released a new trailer for Pixar's new animated movie "Onward", which hits theaters March 6th, 2020, unveiled a new trailer, poster and images this morning.

They've also sprinkled a little bit of "stardust" (in the literal sense) to this movie with the likes of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland starring in the film. Back at the D23: Expo 2019 this past August, director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae officially debuted to the world the color, insane characters of their movie, including the two teenage elf brothers voiced by Starlord and Spider-man ...