Syria Says Ready to Welcome Kurds back into Fold


In Ankara, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said Turkey was intent on combatting Kurdish fighters across its border in Syria and on creating a zone where Turkey could resettle Syrian refugees. While they may publicly oppose a Turkish incursion into Syria, they probably don't mind an operation that diminishes the Kurdish forces.

Iran expressed to Turkey on Monday its opposition to an incursion into northern Syria.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said U.S. troops "will not support or be involved in the operation" and "will no longer be in the immediate area".

Zarif's tweeted his condemnation of the US role in Syria nearly immediately after news of a possible USA troop withdrawal came out.

President Donald Trump's announcement that USA troops in Syria would step aside to make way for a Turkish military operation against US -allied Syrian Kurdish fighters unleashed a torrent of near unanimous criticism and warnings of immediate and long-term negative consequences.

Trump said the United States military has served "like a police force" in Syria, which it is not.

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"We have more work to do to keep ISIS from coming back & make our accomplishments permanent". The PKK, which has been fighting an insurgency in Turkey since 1984, has rear bases in northern Iraq.

After last year's capture by Turkish troops of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in the north, the government captured rebel-held eastern suburbs of Damascus known as eastern Ghouta, boosting security around Assad's seat of power.

Iran on Tuesday urged Turkey not to carry out an offensive, the Iranian state TV reported.

For his part, Cavusoglu said the Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria "would be temporary", according to the statement from the Iranian foreign ministry. The officials said they expect the Turks to begin with airstrikes, followed by barrages from heavy artillery along the border and the movement of ground troops into Syria.

Trump's announcement threw the military situation in Syria into fresh chaos and injected deeper uncertainty into the region.

The withdrawal, announced by the White House late on Sunday, was swiftly condemned by a bipartisan group of lawmakers over concerns that it could open the way for a Turkish strike on Kurdish-led forces long allied with Washington. Trump entered the White House in 2017 intent on getting out of Syria. American and Turkish soldiers had been conducting joint patrols in a zone along the border, while Kurdish fighters dismantled fortifications amid assurances that Turkey would not invade.