Sun 'smiles' like jack-o'-lantern in NASA image


While people are getting ready for Halloween with their costumes along with the list of horror movies, the U.S. space agency NASA also chose to share a scary image of the sun to stun the world.

The picture depicts the Sun, reminiscent of pumpkin "lantern Jack" - a traditional attribute of Halloween.

According to the agency, the Sun's unique appearance in the photo was caused by the various active regions on its surface.

The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, which took the photo, constantly monitors the Sun from its orbit in space.

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The image is a blend of two extreme ultraviolet wavelengths that are typically colourized in gold and yellow, NASA said.

This occurred when active regions of the sun burned more brightly than others.

"They are markers of an intense and complex set of magnetic fields hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona", NASA said.

As NASA explained, the active regions appeared brighter in the photo - which was snapped on October 8, 2014 - because they were emitting more light and energy. NASA claims that one can find a similarity between the Star, which is at the center of our solar system and a Pumpkin. In October previous year, The Hubble Space Telescope, which NASA operates with the European Space Agency (ESA), captured a nebula in the Cassiopeia constellation about 550 light-years away.