Spotify Now Works with Siri in iOS 13


A new Spotify app is now also available for Apple TV. I've spent some time with the update and overall it works as advertised, though it's worth noting a few limitations. It's less clear right now if Siri support will also extend to the Apple TV.

Spotify is now getting Siri support to play songs, albums, and playlists.

You can now have Siri complete a task in some third-party apps, like asking for directions to be opened in Google Maps or send a message over WhatsApp. To make sure you don't miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

Siri will soon learn the messaging apps you like to use.

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A report earlier this summer suggested that Apple and Spotify were in talks about letting Spotify make use of Siri, although it sounds like this wasn't so much of a negotiation between the companies as a collaboration to help Spotify take advantage of new capabilities that were coming to iOS 13 anyway.

Its a major shift reported and Siri has also brought about an integration that Spotify users have been wanting for some time now. And now, US lawmakers have reached out to Spotify to request data as part of an antitrust probe right here within the states, reviews declare. Sonos devices, including the latest Sonos Move and Sonos One SL speakers, also now support Spotify Connect, which allows people to use the Spotify app to control what is playing on their speakers throughout the home. It's a completely free app and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices and can sync news sources between devices that use the same Microsoft account. When toggled on, apps that are optimized for the mode use less data than they normally would.

In other words, most apps are getting updated to respect iOS settings, so when the dark mode is enabled at system level, apps can switch to the same theme as well. The app for Apple TV looks similar to the Roku app, so those familiar with the layout will have no problem navigating to find their favorite music and podcasts. That may appear in a later iOS 13.2 release for HomePod, though.

Spotify previously had a rift with Apple, calling them out for unfair business practices.