JT of City Girls releases new music on her "First Day Out"


"I been a real bitch way before the fed case / Yung Miami held me down, that's a bitch ace / And if a bitch try her, it's a cold case", she raps.

On the Twysted Genius-produced track, JT reflects on her time away and shouts out her fellow City Girl Yung Miami for holding it down while she was away.

After serving more than one-year in prison, Yung Miami says J.T. is out of the box. She additionally sneers at a rumor that a penal advanced guard has her pregnant, which is a novel one on me.

Jatavia "JT" Johnson of the City Girls is a free woman. She gotta come home. "MY BITCH HOME!" And last night, JT announced her grand return by releasing her song "JT First Day Out".

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Yesterday, Yung Miami jumped on Instagram and announced, "YOU BITCHES IN TROUBLE!"

"JT First Day Out" is out now on the streaming companies. The star was booked for fraud and the Quality Control team has been teasing her imminent release for months and finally, that day has arrived. JT also comes home to a fresh partnership with Sorellas Boutique for the Girls Tour collection. The track is set to be released at 10 PM. City Girl fans are showing out across social media.

In the clip, Yung Miami was scared as she reveals the pregnancy to her boss, Pierre. City Girls released their debut album Period in 2018, followed by their sophomore LP G I R L C O D E later that year.