"Jesus Shoe": $3,000 Sneakers Filled With Holy Water Sell Out In Minutes


"Jesus Shoes" are basically distinctive pair of white Nike Air Max 97s, manufactured by a Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Greenberg said the company does not personally know the buyer of the Jesus Shoe, but they are aware that person listed the sneaker on StockX.

They call these shoes - "Jesus Shoes".

According to the shoe's extremely over the top website, the sole of each shoe is filled with 60cc of artificially colored water sourced directly from the River Jordan that has been blessed by an ordained minister of unspecified clerical affiliation.

About two dozen pairs of "Jesus Shoes", worth $1425 (NZ$2250) a pop, went on sale on Tuesday, and nearly immediately sold out. "Jesus Shoes" are made with 100% frankincense wool (get it?), while the laces are strewn with a crucifix.

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Eager to ensure the shoes bore plenty of religious touches, the brand then added several other spiritual elements to the design, adding a Bible verse - Matthew 14:25 - in black writing on the side of the shoe, as well as a single blood drop, to represent the blood of Christ, which can be found on the tongue of the sneaker.

The team chose to use Air Max 97s, Greenberg's daily shoe (although the product has no association with Nike), and inject holy water into the midsole, the cushioned part of a sneaker. "We asked ourselves, 'What would a shoe collab with Jesus look like?' Obviously, it should let you walk on water".

The premium price may not faze true sneaker fans - Bergdorf Goodman sells Jimmy Choo "Diamond Crystal-Embellished Metallic Sneakers" for $3,995, and Dior is selling high-top sneakers for $1,100.

"So we wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten".

MSCHF bought a normal pair of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers at market value, the company's head of commerce, Daniel Greenberg, confirmed to CBS News. On the company's website - "mschf" says more will be available October 22, and subsequent 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.