Donald Trump Suspends Entry Of Immigrants Who Can't Afford Healthcare


The new rule, which will come into effect November 3, applies to those seeking visas, not those seeking asylum and will not apply to children, the White House said.

"Large numbers of non-citizens have taken advantage of our country's generous public health programs", Trump said in the proclamation.

Trump has made cutting legal and illegal immigration a centerpiece of his presidency. The overwhelming majority of these arriving in the country as soon as a year are low-professional felony immigrants who compete in opposition to working and center-class Americans for jobs.

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To obtain an immigration visa, foreigners must prove they will be covered by "approved health insurance", such as a family or employment-based policy, within 30 days of entering the United States, unless they are affluent enough to cover their "reasonably foreseeable medical costs".

"While lawful immigrants qualify for ACA subsidies, they'll be stuck in a catch-22 because subsidized coverage does not qualify as insurance under the proclamation", tweeted Larry Leavitt, executive vice president for health policy at Kaiser Family Foundation, a health care policy think tank.

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The White House later issued a statement explaining the move. The regulation, which imposes an aggressive wealth test on legal immigrants, has been delayed because of several legal challenges.

White House officials have been "genuinely horrified" by the "huge mistakes" and "embarrassing" conduct by President Donald Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders during his first term.

Under the new proclamation, which was earlier reported by The Wall Street Journal, officials are directed to use a similar approach in determining whether to grant immigrant visas to people seeking to live in the United States.

But it would apply to the spouses and parents of USA citizens.

"If this is not going to be enjoined by a court in the next month, it will cause complete chaos", he added.

The section is the same legal authority he invoked during the 2017 travel ban, which mainly limited travel of nationals of certain Muslim-majority countries.