Climate change protest expected to block Bloor Street Viaduct


The municipality of Amsterdam had forbidden the blockade, but the protesters of the so-called Extinction Rebellion action group nevertheless continued their action. In the Netherlands, 50 people were arrested after they erected a tent to block a road in central Amsterdam.

"We have no choice but to rebel until our government declares a climate and ecological emergency and takes the action that is required to save us". Police said 33 activists were taken to their premises and three were arrested for resisting orders by anti-riot officers.

Organizers have not said how long they plan to block the bridge but at around noon, police began arresting some of the protesters in an attempt to reopen the roadway.

New Zealand police arrested 30 demonstrators and more than 100 crowded a Lambton Quay bank. While some applauded the action as a necessary inconvenience, others complained that the eco-activists were causing more pollution by forcing cars to sit in congested traffic for hours, while others said they were wasting police resources as London battles a surge in knife crime.

The group calls itself "a nonviolent, peaceful, and disciplined movement".

Police are stationed outside the Houses of Parliament and have already made 21 arrests.

Ms Stevenson said she was delighted to see so much engagement from young people and that her own son was at the protests and working for Extinction Rebellion.

A number of sites were occupied this morning, including Westminster Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.

Over in Madrid, the climate activists blocked roads and staged a sit-in. That's expensive and we need our readers to help.

A small group of activists locked themselves to a mock nuclear missile outside the Ministry of Defence, calling on the government to redirect the funds spent on Britain's Trident nuclear submarines towards climate policy.

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Campaigners from Extinction Rebellion's group in Peterborough are among those taking part in today's protest.

"We do still need to reflect on what is happening in New Zealand and I am proud of what we have done as a government". "I think people would disagree with disruption, and I don't blame them".

"This is not just a problem for the United Kingdom, this is directly affecting communities in the global south, and we need to recognise the responsibility we have as the birthplace of the industrial revolution".

"We're here because we are deeply concerned for the situation of the planet and people", Cowen told CBS News.

Nearly 150 activists have already been detained in London, with organisers vowing to shut down key sites in the city including the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square.

But Extinction Rebellion chose to ignore this.

The movement garnered worldwide headlines in April, 2019, when protesters blocked traffic in central London for nearly two weeks.

The Prince Edward Viaduct on Bloor Street has been shut down, as protesters disrupt city streets, believing the event spreads awareness. In Berlin, around a thousand people were estimated to have blocked a major intersection.

"We're here because the government is not doing enough on the climate emergency", said protester Lizzy Mansfield.

For months, Extinction Rebellion has been demanding that the British Parliament "act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025".