Call of Duty Mobile smashes records with 100M downloads in 1st week


Mobile" genre rivals "PUBG Mobile" and "Fortnite", both of which are oriented around a last-person-standing or last-team-standing battle royale format that a "COD: "Mobile" mode contains, accumulated 28 million and 22.5 million downloads during their first weeks. Once the game launches there, these numbers might well shoot up to incredible new heights.

Thousands of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile players have been banned for 10 years as the game developers continue their battle against a cheating problem that has plagued the game since release.

Mobile users who play Call of Duty game on their phones are too young and innocent who fall in the trap of these fake cheats and hacks. The franchise is already one of the biggest in the world, and fans have long anticipated its arrival on mobile.

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The mobile version of Call of Duty is developed by the Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings LTD.

Notably, the game isn't even available in most populous market China. That has been converted to downloads, with the gaming getting 100 million in the first week (via Reuters).

On Oct 1 the distributor Activision Blizzard Inc. began Call of Duty: Mobile and Sensor Tower have reported that in the time since then the figures are mirrored in the total installs worldwide through Apple's App Store and Google Play. The Android version of "Fortnite" also launched several months after the game was released on iOS.