Apple Watch Will Have A Sleep Monitoring Function


There are third-party apps available to track sleep using the Apple Watch, but a native Apple Watch Sleep app will hopefully be better than those options. We'll keep an eye out and inform you as soon as we hear more about the Apple Watch and Apple Sleep app.

The reference in the app read that users can "set your bedtime and wake up in the Sleek app", which seems to mean that users will be able to set a reminder to go to bed, and an alarm to wake up, from the unreleased Sleep app. One code string noted users could track their sleep and "get woken up silently" by wearing their Apple Watch to bed. The reference popped up for Apple's pre-installed Alarms app on the Apple Watch.

Twitter user Daniel Marcinkowski spotted the yet-to-be-released Sleep app for the Apple Watch mentioned in an App Store listing. The Series 5 also comes with a native Cycle Tracking App to follow your menstrual cycle. Apple had introduced ECG monitoring and Irregular Rhythm notifications in Watch 4 Series making it the most useful wearable for tracking heart health.

It has been previously rumored that Apple would finally add sleep tracking to a new Apple Watch and with the release of the Series 5 Apple Watch, there is still no official word on Sleep tracking support. A screenshot was found which shows the Sleep app's interface and its features.

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The Apple Watch is among the best-selling smartwatches around the world.

There is now no sign of the Sleep app in the current watchOS 6.1 beta, but sleep tracking has previously been mentioned in internal iOS 13 betas.

As of now, the latest iOS 13 update only featured many syncing features for handheld Apple device's to the Mac computer unit.