Apple’s AR Headset to Launch in the Second Half of 2020


Kuo has apparently confirmed this on a report to the TF International Securities, which is his client.

The iPad Pro is believed to include a "rear-facing 3D time-of-flight sensor" that could enhance its augmented reality performance. Kuo is a reliable source of news about the iPhone maker's product roadmap who has predicted many of its device launches.

Kuo has claimed that the iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro models will launch in Q1 2020 and the AR headsets are going to launch in Q2 2020 in collaboration with third parties.

According to Kuo, Apple is forming partnerships with third-party brands to create the its own AR glasses, the Apple Glass.

Many may question how Mr Kuo can know such insider secrets, the analyst has correctly predicted numerous most notable Apple launches. The glasses will also reportedly only carry camera sensors, a display, and a wireless connectivity electronics so it will consume less battery and is lighter than its rivals such as the Hololens 2.

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Apart from the Apple Glass, we should also be expecting to see the new iPad Pro next year, alongside a new Macbook with a scissor-switching keyboard. It will feature a 3D Time of Flight sensor on the back, targeted at a better Augmented Reality experience.

That's according to a research note spied by the folks at MacRumors, with Kuo suggesting a new iPad Pro could come in the first quarter of 2020.

The analyst also claims that 2020 will see the launch of a MacBook model with scissor switch keys that will see Apple sheepishly move away from the butterfly keys it first debuted on the 12in MacBook in 2015.

Apple appears to be prioritizing keeping the AR glasses lightweight and slim, which likely means offloading much of its functionality to an iPhone. It is still not clear which MacBook Kuo might be referring to. Though if Apple opts for a simpler headset design similar to devices like North's Focals, or Vuzix's Blade, Apple may be less hesitant about releasing a consumer-ready headset next year.