Alec Baldwin, family scammed by bogus tour operator


Hilaria posted a photo of the Baldwin clan - minus 11-month old Romeo - catching the famed Staten Island ferry, which also offers great views of the 305-foot statue.

What Alec Baldwin thought were five tickets for the Statue of Liberty ended up being for a New Jersey-bound shuttle bus.

According to the New York Daily News, the ticket would have taken the Baldwin family on a trip through the Holland Tunnel and to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, where they would have had to wait for a vessel named Queen of Hearts. Soon, they found themselves being told to get in a shuttle bus to New Jersey.

Luckily, Baldwin and his family made the best of the bad situation by jumping on the Staten Island - which is free.

"I kid you not". We paid. Then we read the tickets.

The Daily News reports the shuttle bus transports passengers from downtown NY to New Jersey, where they get on a boat that offers views of the Statue of Liberty.

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He added: 'Take the SI Ferry. "No one ever mentioned New F***ing Jersey!" "It's the best ride in NY", Alec Baldwin said.

Only one tour company, Statue Cruises, is licensed to take visitors to Liberty Island, but ticket sellers from other companies often mislead tourists into believing they are booking a ride to the statue.

His post included a snap of the $40-apiece tickets, sold by Tours R Us and offering trips to Liberty Park, NJ.

But, as The Post previously reported, access is permitted "at the discretion of the captain" - despite stringent safety rules put in place following the 2003 ferry crash that left 11 people dead. There have also been reports of scammers selling tickets to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free.

"We buy the tickets for the "boat tour" of the Statue of Liberty".

The only company allowed to access Liberty Island is Statue Cruises, the city said.