A new Google Assistant voice is here: Actress Issa Rae


Now you can make Google Assistant talk - and sing - like Issa Rae, star and co-creator of HBO's "Insecure".

The actress recently told Refinery29 that she has a Google Home in her trailer and constantly uses it for work and scheduling. Open the Google Assistant app on your device, then tap the button with three dots, and tap Settings.

Google leverages DeepMind's WaveNet speech synthesis mode to create realistic-sounding voices without having to record hundreds of pages of dialogue and prompts.

There's a lot to love about Google Assistant, which has been repeatedly crowned the best service of its kind by various market research firms after analyzing its accuracy and wealth of information, but while celebrity voices might not be among the AI's top five killer features, they're certainly a cool thing to have access to.

"Do I need an umbrella today?" I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait for the October 15 Made by Google event to find out.

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She can even provide a motivational message of encouragement, such as when you ask "How do I look?" You can ask "Issa" to help you out with the daily weather forecast or have "her" tell you a secret, a joke, as well as boost your morale with a pep talk or inspirational quote. There are also a few Easter eggs with Rae's cameo, such as when you ask, "Hey Google, do you have any dating advice?" or "Hey Google, are you a writer?"

When will Issa Rae's voice be available?

Smart assistants have arguably become the centerpiece, figuratively and literally, of some people's modern lives but the way we've approached them causally belies the complexity of behind the voice technology they employ.

The Pixel 4 is set to launch next week, and thanks to all the leaks, there isn't much left we don't already know about Google's latest smartphone.

Rae is the second celeb cameo for Google Assistant, after singer John Legend's mellifluous vocalizations came to the platform earlier this year.