Will Smith & Martin Lawrence are BACK in ‘Bad Boys For Life’ trailer


Well, it's got all the familiar symptoms of a Bad Boys movie: Will Smith being touch, Martin Lawrence being a little wacky, lots of flashy cars and explosions and shiny buildings. And while they certainly are ride-or-die friends, we're betting they probably won't die together in the new Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys for Life. The plot of the film seems pretty cut-and-paste as well, with our two hero cops having to defeat a big bad guy and their chief getting annoyed at the mayhem they cause.

"I'm asking you bad boys", continues Lowrey. The upcoming film still follows the lives of detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) as they seemingly take on a mission to bust underground illegal happenings just "one last time". But it's 2019, and Hollywood is clearly completely out of fresh ideas, so Bad Boys 3 is upon us.

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The trailer for Bad Boys for Life is finally here. At one point Joe Carnahan was attached, a director with similar Bay-esque machismo but smarter.

The moment 'Bad Boys' fans have been waiting for is nearly here. Now through production, the first tangible proof that Bad Boys For Life will indeed see the light of multiplexes has arrived. Watch the trailer - which is loaded with adult language - on YouTube. From the looks of the trailer, both Smith and Lawrence are back in their charming, comedic element for what's been deemed as the threequel. The great Joe Pantoliano is even back as exasperated Captain Conrad Howard. The first trailer makes it clear: by not adapting at all.