US doctors’ group says just stop vaping as deaths, illnesses rise


David Hammond, a professor at the University of Waterloo and an expert on tobacco control policy, said the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy needs a re-think in a changing nicotine market.

State Health Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, is also asking patients in the state's medical marijuana program to consult with their health care providers on whether they can use alternatives to vaping products while the investigation continues.

ULM's library was evacuated last Wednesday because of a rumored vaping incident where a student using an e-cigarette triggered the fire alarm.

The retailers said that's because they already were selling only vape cartridges they know are pure and uncut, and therefore safe for consumers to use.

Vaping is increasing in popularity, particularly among teenagers.

Several American cities have restricted or banned e-cigarettes, but Hammond says a ban in Canada would likely only push people into a black market.

Regardless of the ongoing investigation, people who use e-cigarette products should not buy these products off the street and should not modify e-cigarette products or add any substances that are not intended by the manufacturer.

In our recent survey, the majority agrees that vaping should be banned in public places where traditional cigarette smoking is also banned.

"I've seen some things lately saying how juuls can potentially be risky, but I'm young and dumb, so I'm not that anxious about it", Henson said.

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Last November, the CDC reported that "e-cigarette use increased considerably among USA middle and high school students during 2017-2018". However, 12.7 percent of 18- to 24-year-old adults and 21.3 percent of males age 18-24 are "current users" of e-cigarettes. In May of 2016, the FDA informed the public that its authority would be extended to cover electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, which meant that they were able to develop and enforce regulations on the industry.

"Population studies have shown that adolescents view e-cigarettes as far less risky than real cigarettes", Bostean said.

Megan Constantino, 36, from St. Petersburg, Florida, quit vaping 6 days ago in response to reports of the illnesses and deaths related to vaping.

USA authorities have advised people to stop vaping amid a nationwide-crisis that has seen 450 people develop lung illnesses across 33 states in America.

"They are not using them as a fun device".

Vaping among Montana's youth is a serious concern.

Virtually 40% of 12th graders and 27% of all higher college students in NY now use e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered e-cigarette product makers to devise a plan to keep their devices away from minors, declaring use by teens has reached an "epidemic proportion". The federal Tobacco and Vaping Products Act bans any promotion of tobacco or vaping products that may appeal to young persons.

Christiani acknowledged that it is unclear which substances have led to the illness, but he noted that e-cigarettes contain "at least six groups of potentially toxic compounds", and patients who have vaped substances extracted from hemp or marijuana might be exposing themselves to new toxins.

"What that is, I don't know".