Tesla Driver Spotted Sound Asleep at the Wheel, While Doing 55mph


Tesla responded to the video of a sleeping driver behind the wheel of a Tesla on autopilot that has been circulating on social media, warning it could be a "dangerous" hoax.

A new viral video of a Tesla driver sleeping at the vehicle while the auto is apparently driving at 60 miles per hour in a MA highway, is once more putting Elon Musk's company in hot water with calls questioning the safety of the EV's Autopilot system. One person, a woman, is seen with their head tilted back and appears to be asleep in the passenger seat.

"It was just so unusual and baffling" said Dakota Randall, who shot the video, in an interview with WBZ-TV. "Teslas are sick, I guess?" he tweeted.

The video was shot on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton.

"I looked over and saw what I thought was somebody asleep at the wheel", he told NBC10 Boston.

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Randall told WBTS he did a "double take", and said, "It seemed like he had his cruise control on around like 55-60 miles per hour".

Neither of the pair responded to other drivers honking their horns at them.

Massachusetts State Police told CBS Boston there's no law against falling asleep behind the wheel of a self-driving auto.

"At highway speeds, drivers typically receive warnings every 30 seconds or less if their hands aren't detected on the wheel", a company spokesperson said. Another driver! As much as I enjoy the proof instead of a tall tale that can get more elastic with the retelling, this, too, is just not cool.

In the same interview, Randall adds that this particular incident taught him an important lesson: to keep his eyes peeled whenever he spots a Tesla in traffic because who knows if the driver is alert or not.