Tension Between India, Pakistan "Less Heated" Now Than 2 Weeks Ago


India was fast to reject the provide, saying the Kashmir problem was bilateral.

Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir's mostly Muslim population and most people support the rebels' cause against Indian rule.

"While I continue to urge the Governments of India and Pakistan to ensure that human rights are respected and protected, I have appealed particularly to India to ease the current lockdowns or curfews; to ensure people's access to basic services; and that all due process rights are respected for those who have been detained".

Qureshi's remarks came after his address at the UNHRC session, where he presented a false narrative on Kashmir maintained by his country following the Indian government's historic move to abrogate Article 370.

Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, asked India and Pakistan to uphold the rights of Kashmiris as the two nations continued their diplomatic standoff over the region they govern separately.

The relationship between India and Pakistan is "less heated" now than what was two weeks ago, United States President Donald Trump has said, reiterating his offer to help the two South-Asian neighbours only if both of them want.

On the Indian side, it noted that "despite significant challenges, NGOs, human rights defenders and journalists are able to operate, generating documentation on the ongoing human rights violations there".

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"Help", the word Trump used Monday, is closer to the longstanding position of the United States, that has been restated by the state department and the White House in the aftermath of the president's interventions: that India and Pakistan must resolve the Kashmir dispute bilaterally and through direct dialogue, and the United States stands ready to "assist".

Following India's decision to strip Kashmiris of their seven-decade-long special autonomy through a rushed presidential order, tensions between Pakistan and India have been high.

Qureshi will raise the Indian unilateral and illegal actions in occupied Kashmir and will highlight threat posed to the region in the result of these actions.

Besides, Bachelet said on Monday that the release of the final list of the NRC in Assam had led to "great uncertainty and anxiety".

"I appeal to the government to ensure due process during the appeals process, prevent deportation or detention, and ensure people are protected from statelessness", she said.

He is also scheduled to hold meetings with representatives of World Health Organisation (WHO) and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the sidelines of the session during his three-day stay in Geneva.

The foreign minister also met with Amadou Ba Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Diaspora in Gevena today and sensitize him on the grave humanitarian tragedy in the making in the valley.