Podium Order For ABC Democratic Debate On Sept. 12


She told me she's still torn between two candidates - former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders is ahead of Trump 48% to 44%, while California Sen.

Back in July, 38% of voters were considering both Warren and Harris.

It has become a habit to scold Democratic voters who say that electability is their standard in deciding whom to support for their party's presidential nomination. His 15% in national polls is what he's averaged basically all year with the exception of a post-announcement bump in March. But a Quinnipiac University poll published in August shows Harris' numbers plummeting to 7%. She said at one point, the polls had her down by double digits. He and Trump stood on stage while the rally attendee was being tended to. "I'm trying to talk about what other people have done". Wisconsin is a flawless illustration of that.

Indeed, Trump's insurgent 2016 campaign was powered in part by animus towards China and pledges to confront the Asian power.

Democrats can win, she said, "when we call out what is broken, when we show how to fix it, and when we build a grass-roots movement to get it done". Warren and Biden have each been chosen by one quarter of Democratic likely voters when we ask which candidate they would vote for if their state's contest were held today.

Biden isn't exactly popular in Wisconsin, though he's better liked than his Democratic peers. Eight of 10 Warren supporters said the same about Sanders.

That comes along with an interesting shift among Democrats: More are putting an emphasis on defeating Trump than having a candidate who is closer to them on issues - a dynamic that's boosting the standing of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 6%.

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The survey polled 1,003 adults between September 2 and September 5.

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell (D.), who gave Warren $4,000 previous year and is now a Joe Biden supporter, isn't happy about her about-face.

Biden, who was publicly accused by a number of ladies of undesirable touching earlier this 12 months, had the awkward encounter on Monday whereas courting voters at a Labor Day picnic placed on by organized labor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The former vice president had 600 delegates, compared to Warren's 545. And when she did, she made an appeal that many could have interpreted as a reference to Joe Biden.

Clinton initially held a double-digit lead over Trump. I should point out that earlier polling suggests he may be in a worse position in Iowa and Nevada than YouGov found.

However, while some are backing Warren for now, many voters, presidential nominees and Democratic Party officials were preaching support for whomever the nominee may be.

In fact, these debates- allowing candidates just about a minute of response time and requiring them to share their time with nine other candidates - don't compare to the debates Warren excelled at in her high school years, when she was a state champion and would spend hours with her debate teammates preparing to extensively map out an argument on a single topic before a judge.

In this way, Biden is following the playbook of the midterms and not Clinton. But there's little evidence that they fear what she would do in the White House.

Similarly, 80% of people who identified as being less confident that gun control measures will reduce violent incidents still said they were in support of universal background checks, including for private sales and at gun shows. We Democrats need to wake up, stop palavering and do what it takes. Biden, for all his gaffes and flaws, continues to be the one who is doing that most effectively.