Nintendo's New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons in Strange Places


As shown in the first teaser, each one of the Switch's Joy-Cons goes into one of the new accessories.

Now that Nintendo has revealed its latest game Ring Fit Adventure to the world, finer details about how it will be distributed are beginning to emerge.

Based on Express Online's hands and legs-on experience with the game, Ring Fit Adventure has the feel of a fully-fledged albeit casual role-playing game, complete with sublime visuals, turn-based battles, multiple worlds and a levelling up system.

The mini-games are a riot, tasking players with everything from flexing the Fit-Con as many times as possible in 60 seconds, to shaping pottery by performing squats and squeezing the tracker - now's your chance to recreate that scene from Ghost while also getting fit. The dragon, aptly named Dragaux, taunts you and then disappears. You can aim your ring at obstacles and squeeze to shoot at them and earn in-game currency, which helps boost your character. Each enemy you encounter is weak to a certain type of exercise, so you'll need to switch it up to ensure that you're doing as much damage as possible.

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Away from the progression-oriented adventure, there are other modes that encourage short bursts of activity, better suited to both targeted exercise and social play. It seems like a fun way to get a little exercise in at home.

The Ring-Con is pressure-sensitive, tracking upper-body movements.

That has led to not only the intuitive Wii Remote design but also the Wii console's Balance Board, used in tandem with its popular "Wii Fit" games, and the self-assembly cardboard controller housings and virtual reality kits that form the Nintendo Labo line. We'll find out if that's the case soon enough, as it's out on Nintendo Switch on October 18th.