Man pulls gun at Texas Popeyes, demands chicken sandwiches


A Tennessee man is suing Popeyes Chicken because, he says, they ran out of chicken sandwiches.

The chicken sandwich saga reached a new level of madness Monday evening when an armed group of people rushed a Popeyes restaurant in southeast Houston.

Popeyes launched its new crispy chicken sandwich in select stores on August 12.

Barr also claimed in his suit that he was scammed out of money from an individual who posted an ad online claiming that he could get sandwiches from a location where the fast-food chain had some hidden in the back.

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Last week, Popeyes said the popular new comestible had sold out nationally.

The Miami-based chicken chain's popular sandwich exceeded expectations after selling out within days of its August 12 launch. The man named Craig Barr is accusing Popeyes for, "false advertising, deceptive business practices by entity to public", according to reports. One of the men produced a gun, the employees said, and the group left the baby in a vehicle before trying to get inside the building.

"It was more of an aggravated assault because he was displaying a weapon and threatened employees", Lt Larry Crowson of the Houston PD told ABC13.