Like loss likely?: Facebook might start hiding 'Like' counts for posts


"I observed that Facebook has recently begun prototyping this hidden like/reaction count feature in their Android app by reverse-engineering the app and playing with the code underneath", wrote Wong. The objective behind hiding the like count is to prevent users from feeling anxious over how their posts are received. That means only you will be able to see your posts' like counts, just like the feature works on Instagram. Followers will see if their Facebook friends liked or reacted to the post, but will not see the total count.

Sounds exactly like school except only there you can't hide from the fact that no one likes you, at least now with the potential for this new feature in Facebook, it's just you alone that will know that no one likes you.

TechCrunch studies that Fb could quickly start hiding the like counter on posts on the websites Information Feed. Negative criticisms claim that going after likes lead to an inauthentic portrayal of life on social media. And now, it looks like they'll have one more thing to complain about, as Wong found that Facebook is working on doing the same.

Some evidence suggests that showing how many favorable responses a post gets adds a competitive dimension to social networks, and the practice has been linked to decreases in mental health.

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Whenever someone likes a photo on Facebook, it shows how many people liked it with the photo. A 2017 study in the United Kingdom found that, of all major social media platforms, Instagram had the worst effect on young people's mental health. This is similar to a feature Instagram started rolling out in seven countries back in July.

It remains to be seen if changing the like button would help or hurt Facebook's ad revenue.

"We have always disclosed our use of face recognition technology and that people can turn it on or off at any time", Facebook said last month.