Labour's Watson calls for new Brexit referendum before general election


Whether it is or isn't, the labour movement mobilisation against Boris Johnson's government should build throughout September and aim at a huge demonstration for democracy outside the Conservative Party conference, focused on forcing an election to address the catastrophic social, economic and environmental crises afflicting our country and the world.

Susanna Reid began by saying: "You have sat here at this desk and told us that you think Remaining in the European Union is the best thing for the UK".

Opposition leaders have thus far not supported the votes to name a basic election, which wants the help of two thirds of MPs, as a result of they worry it could possibly be used to power via a no-deal Brexit. "We're ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we've ever seen".

He accused the PM of "running away from scrutiny" on the first day of parliament's contentious shutdown as the Brexit clock ticks down.

Mr Mann previously said he could not campaign for Mr Corbyn knowing he could become Prime Minister, and told The Sunday Times he would "never forgive" his left-wing leader for allowing the party to be "hijacked" by anti-Semites.

"I don´t want an election at all, but frankly I can not see any other way", he said in a speech at a police academy according to time.

He also accused the PM of cosying up to President Donald Trump to get a "one-sided" trade deal with the United States which would damage employment rights, the NHS and United Kingdom industry.

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"If you are a worker with a boss who makes you work extra hours with no pay, or forces you into a risky situation, you deserve a government that fights for you", Corbyn said.

Media outlets say on Monday there could be another attempt to call for early general elections, that in Johnson's agenda would take place on October 15th and could bring a new government to the House of Commons, that could vote to pass a no-deal Brexit law.

"They want to delay Brexit yet again, without further reference to those who voted for it ... and so now the house will move to adjourn and resume the state opening and the Queen's speech on October 14, and I hope the opposition will use that time to reflect".

Britain's opposition Labour Party said on Tuesday if it won power it would create a Ministry of Employment Rights to deliver better wages, greater job security and give workers more of a say over how their workplaces are run.

Corbyn outlined a classic left-wing Labour pitch at the Trade Union Congress (TUC), reiterating his plan to nationalise Britain's rail network and utility companies, give workers seats on company boards and protect tenants against exploitative landlords.

He will also call on Labour dedicate "unambiguously" to campaigning for Continue to be if a referendum had been to observe an election.

Shortly before the Commons rose for five weeks - meaning MPs return with just 17 days to the Brexit deadline - they voted 293 to 46 in favour of a snap election, falling short of the required super-majority.