Hurricane Dorian: Jeep left in the sand in Myrtle Beach, SC


The owner of the Jeep abandoned on Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Dorian will probably think twice before giving someone his auto keys.

A pregnant Florida nurse went into labor during her shift as Hurricane Dorian pounded parts of the coast with heavy rain and strong winds, according to new reports.

Beachgoers have been warned to let the police know if they see or find any further suspicious bags, or materials on the shoreline, and not to pick anything up.

Tests were run on one single brick found in Paradise Beach Park around 8 am on Tuesday morning.

In a photograph provided by the city, the letters D-I-A-M-A-N-T are visible in black lettering on the package. "The contents field-tested positive for cocaine".

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Over in Cocoa Beach about 20 miles north, police were also alerted of duffel bag that had washed on to shore.

The collective street value of the 16 bricks found on Paradise and Cocoa Beaches is thought to be around $400,000. In June, $1 billion worth of cocaine was seized on a ship that docked in Philadelphia whose last port of call had been in the island nation, according to NBC News.

In Orlando - the largest nearby city - one kilogram of cocaine has a street value worth approximately $20,000 to $30,000 Dollars ($27,000 to $40,000 CAD), police told NBC.

Police say more suspicious packages might come onshore following the bad weather and are asking beachgoers not to touch them to avoid overdose. "Especially now with these conditions", Hernandez told the newspaper.

As Hurricane Dorian came barreling up Florida's coastline, little puppy Dorian barreled into the hearts of the deputies at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.