Huawei FreeBuds 3 launched with ACN and new Kirin A1 chipset


The fact that they'll be offered in black is a nice option - something Apple continues to refuse to do - but there's no denying that both the buds and their flip-top charging case feel like they could've been Design B in Jony Ive's AirPods look-book.

Inside is where things get interesting.

Talking about the FreeBuds 3, they employ the Kirin A1 Bluetooth chipset and are claimed to be the world's first truly wireless earbuds to come with dual mode Bluetooth 5.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity support. It's the first BT 5.1 and BTL 5.1 wearable chip, the company claims, a 4.3 x 4.4 mm SoC that's meant to make Bluetooth headphones more flexible and higher quality.

It comes with Huawei Isochronous Dual Channel transmission technology for low latency and low power consumption and 356 MHz audio processor for stable, fast Bluetooth connection, as well as an accurate audio and video synchronisation.

There's also adaptive frequency-hopping, which Huawei says should help avoid interference. This is accomplished from a new chip Huawei is calling the Kirin A1. Latency is down to 190 ms, Huawei claims.

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But if you're looking for reasons to switch, the FreeBuds 3 have more than one USP. The larger design enables Huawei's AirPods rivals to offer noise-cancellation technology - something that's been rumored for Apple's earphones for years, although it has yet to make an appearance. Double-tapping the right earbud skips a track, while double-tapping the left one to turn noise cancellation on or off.

Huawei FreeBuds 3 have active noise cancellation and the microphone is able to eliminate wind noise at speeds up to 20 km/h. the battery life is 5 hours and 20 hours, taking into account recharge from the case. The charging case then allows for 20 hours more.

Huawei did not reveal the pricing of FreeBuds 3, but mentioned that it will be cheaper than AirPods.

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