Hong Kong leader tells U.S. not to 'interfere' after fresh protests


China denies accusations of meddling in the city.

The bill would punish officials who suppress basic freedoms in Hong Kong with measures such as freezing their USA -based assets and denying them entry to the country.

"We hope we can unite Hong Kong", said one of those booing, Ah Wing, wearing a red Hong Kong team shirt and glasses.

China urges Germany to abide by its promises and avoid sending wrong messages to separatist Hong Kong forces, and urges Maas to abide by the basics of global law and act for the benefit of relations and not be a "damager" of the relationship, Hua added.

While the protests have hit Hong Kong's economy and tourism sector extremely hard, Tuesday saw the anger spill over to the football pitch.

After being held for around 24 hours at the Hong Kong airport on Sunday for allegedly breaching the terms of his bail, Wong arrived in Berlin late on Monday evening, where he said he would "continue his battle for free elections".

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has warned the United States and other countries against interfering in the city's domestic affairs, two days after thousands of protesters gathered outside the U.S. consulate to ask President Donald Trump to "liberate" the city.

She called the interference by foreign parliaments in Hong Kong's affairs as "deeply regrettable".

Protesters took to the streets once more on Sunday, marching to the American consulate to name on Congress to cross a invoice expressing help for the pro-democracy motion.

But many Hong Kong residents fear Beijing is steadily eroding that autonomy.

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Iran beat Hong Kong 2-0.

"The downgrade reflects months of ongoing conflict environment which are testing the "one country, two systems" framework and which have inflicted damage to the worldwide perception of the quality and effectiveness of Hong Kong's governance and rule of law as well as the stability of its business environment", Schwarz said.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met protest leader Joshua Wong in Berlin on Monday, at an event hosted by German newspaper BILD.

He launched his career as an activist at just 12 years old and became the poster child of the huge pro-democracy "Umbrella Movement" protests of 2014 that failed to win any concessions from Beijing.

Ms Lam as soon as once more denounced demonstrators throughout her Tuesday press convention.

"Escalation and continuation of violence can not solve the issues faced by our society now", she told a news conference.

The protests, beamed live to the world since June, have prompted some of the city's powerful tycoons to appeal for calm.

In his first public comments, Li called youths the "masters of our future" and said the government should temper justice with mercy in resolving the crisis.

Lam said her administration's actions, including the bill's formal withdrawal, were "not directly to stop these protests and violence".

"It is really to express my sincerity to start a dialogue with the people", she said.