Download iOS 13 on September 19


Android 10 gives users more insight into what apps can access their smartphone's exact location. However, Facebook is clearly concerned that users will be alarmed once the location alerts start popping up on their devices following their updating their device to iOS 13.

Apple's iOS 13 release is just around the corner with a big focus on privacy, which was one of the highlights of WWDC 2019 earlier this year.

Users can choose to give one-time access to an app or allow it to continuously feed in their location data as needed.

Currently, iOS 12 provides users options over place sharing with third party programs. More probably than delving into Facebook's personal settings panel, runs the idea. Meaning, if Android 10 defaults to giving Facebook location data "all the time", but you don't have Facebook's background location setting on, the app won't collect your location data when you're not using it. "We understand that this may be confusing if you're already using Facebook's background location setting, and this update may cause a few instances where the Android and Facebook location settings will be out of sync, "wrote McDonald".

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"You're in control of who sees your location on Facebook".

With iOS 13, it's much more advanced, offering more user choice about when and methods to share tracking data-particularly in background.

Other features like Find Wi-Fi and Nearby Friends utilise your precise Global Positioning System location, regardless of whether you're now using the app. You can control whether your device shares precise location information with Facebook via Location Services, a setting on your phone or tablet.