Brad Pitt asks astronaut: Who was better? Clooney or me?


Earlier this week, I got to sit down and talk with Brad Pitt about his new movie Ad Astra.

Actor Brad Pitt interviewed real Earth-orbiting NASA astronaut Nick Hague Monday in a bit of cross-promotion for Pitt's new space movie "Ad Astra" opening Friday and NASA's ongoing mission on the station 250 miles above the Earth.

Pitt is garnering raves and awards buzz for his performance as a loner astronaut in the near future who travels to the outer reaches of space to investigate a disturbance that may be related to his long-missing father, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Brad told the Washington Post how the film has impacted him.

"How'd we do? How was our zero-G?"

Pitt at a special screening of
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Other comments Pitt's photo shoot received included: "Brad Pitt's photoshoot for GQ has me shook, how can you look so good at 55????"

And indeed, there's plenty to praise about Gray and Pitt's film, a unique sci-fi offering that has plenty on its mind and, while not always executing its vision perfectly, finds a firm compromise between populist blockbuster filmmaking and something a little more thoughtful. Answer: The astronauts take turns.

George Clooney starred in the 2013 science-fiction drama, Gravity which won 7 Academy Awards. "You were, absolutely", Hague laughed.

On Sept. 1, the "Ad Astra" star was spotted exchanging a few words and giving West, 42, a pat on the back at the service.

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