Apple, Foxconn say they overly relied on temporary workers in China


China Labor Watch investigated the Foxconn facility at which the iPhone 11 is being produced.

"There's a significant level of content from the United States and a lot from Japan to [South] Korea to China, and the European Union also contributes a fair amount, and so, that's the nature of a global supply chain", he said.

The watchdog group said the percentage of dispatch or temporary workers at Foxconn facilities make up more than 50% of the entire workforce. The disconcerting report arrives just as Apple is getting ready to launch a new line of flagship iPhone devices. However, this practice is highly illegal.

It also says that workers worked "at least 100 overtime hours a month" during peak production seasons. Past year iPhone XS models were more complicated to build than the iPhone X, requiring more workers, the group additionally mentioned.

Apple and Foxconn seek to supply about 12,000 iPhones per shift on the Zhengzhou manufacturing unit, CLW's newest report discovered.

In August 2019 as many as half of the workforce were dispatch workers, says CLW, which exceeds the legal maximum in China of 10 percent. "Hence, the cost of employing dispatch workers is lower than recruiting more regular workers".

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"We did determine that the affected workers were paid all earned overtime and related bonus payments", the company wrote. Chinese law does not allow this kind of workers to take extra hours. Foxconn Technology Group additionally confirmed the dispatch employee violation following an operational overview. "Apple has the obligation and ability to make essential enhancements to the working conditions along its inventory network, be that as it may, Apple is presently moving expenses from the exchange war through their providers to laborers and benefitting from the abuse of Chinese specialists".

Consistent with Foxconn's response, Apple said that all overtime work was voluntary and all workers were appropriately compensated. Foxconn, officially referred to as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., hires tens of thousands of momentary workers to ramp up manufacturing and meet iPhone demand throughout the key holiday season annually. By recruiting these laborers, "the factory does not need to increase the wages for all regular workers", it said.

The company said it was gradually adjusting the number and the ratio of dispatch workers to comply with the requirements of China's laws.

CLW claimed that Foxconn did not provide workers with adequate protective equipment and often failed to report workplace injuries.

"We looked into the claims by China Labor Watch and most of the allegations are false", the company said in a statement sent to Sixth Tone, without elaborating on which allegations it found to be problematic.

China's per capita disposable income was CNY 28,228 (roughly Rs. 2,80,000) in 2018, or CNY 2,352 (roughly Rs. 23,600) a month, China Daily reported earlier this year, citing government data.