Apple debuts Apple Watch Series 5 with 'always on' Retina display


The Apple Watch 5 was announced during the company's September 10 event alongside the next iPhone. So you could say that a new release is kind of importnt. Even the screen looks the same, but it turns out the Series 5's display is its most exciting feature.

"We've seen Apple Watch have a meaningful impact on our customers' lives and we're excited to deliver even more capabilities with Apple Watch Series 5 and watchOS 6", said Jeff Williams, Apple's Chief Operating Officer.

It works in the familiar way - when not actively in use, or in other words, facing the user, watch faces get dimmed, less detailed and dynamic and refresh less often.

Well, 18 hours, to be precise, which is kind of all-day, we guess.

The new 10.2-inch Retina display iPad has almost 3.5 million pixels and a wide viewing angle making it a vivid canvas for creative expression and flawless for immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences that take advantage of its enhanced cameras and advanced sensors. Presumably, the number can be bumped-up higher if you opt-out of the fancy new AoD. This shows not only your heading, but also elevation, latitude and longitude.

The first is a built-in compass.

Pretty straight-forward, yet pretty nifty. We're sure you've heard some of the countless stories of people that were saved by their Apple Watch, and with Series 5, every cellular model has worldwide emergency calling, and it works even without an iPhone!

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The new OS will also debut several watch faces, including Meridian, Modular Compact, and Solar Dial. Apple Watch Series 5 is available in a wider range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and an all-new titanium.

The speaker on the smartwatch is 50 percent louder than that of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple claims.

WatchOS 6 will also bring new health and fitness features, including a new Cycle Tracking app for users to log information about their menstrual cycles.

Stainless steel is also sticking around in gold, space black and a polished silver. The watch again comes in 44mm and 42mm sizes, with options for 4G connected versions, and Apple's ECG heart monitor. So do aluminum in silver, gold and space gray. Prices start at $399 for Global Positioning System models and $499 for cellular models in aluminum, with steel models starting at $699. It will be available for sale starting September 20, and cost $329 and up, depending on storage options.

Series 5 models will cost $649 for Global Positioning System only, and $799 for LTE.

Apple has introduced the newest product in its series of smart watches, offering a familiar design with notable software upgrades. The Nike Watch will be a bit tardy and should come to stores on October 4.

The Apple Watch Series 5 features an Always On Retina display so the watch face is always visible - a feature available on many WearOS smartwatches.