After Hurricane Dorian, 2,500 people still missing in the Bahamas


Some 2,500 people are still listed as missing in the Bahamas more than a week after Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Caribbean island chain, although that number may include evacuees who fled to shelters, authorities said on Wednesday.

The Burnaby fire captain was part of a search and rescue mission in Nepal after a catastrophic quake in that country in 2015, but the destruction in the Bahamas is more complicated, he said.

Dorian struck the United States coastline as a Category 2 hurricane, causing widespread flooding and power outages along the Carolinas - and later knocking out power to more than 500,000 in eastern Canada.

Recovery in the Bahamas is an ongoing and arduous process with countless people left homeless and large swaths of the archipelago destroyed following Hurricane Dorian.

He was quick to point out that the system has about a 20 per cent chance of developing as it passes through The Bahamas, adding that those chances would increase once it moves across South Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, which should be on the weekend.

National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan has pledged $1 million toward recovery efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the island nation.

The NEMA spokesman said more than 5,500 people have been evacuated so far from the northern Bahamas islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco, which were devastated by the storm. "But we felt comfortable we can give some of the water -- given the acute needs in the Bahamas -- and then still be in the position to backfill if we're unfortunate enough to get hit with a storm". We asked them to coordinate ahead of time.

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Cartwright said people are without basic necessities of food, shelter and clean water.

More will come, with officials planning to erect two "tent city" relief centers capable of housing around 4,000 people around hard-hit Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco Island, John Michael-Clark, co-chairman of the Bahamas' disaster relief and reconstruction committee, told reporters this week.

Scott, in a statement, called on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to work with the Bahamian government to clarify rules regarding visas in the Bahamas so confusion does not occur.

"This one was absolutely devastating and had me terrified, especially with my son there", Capron said. "We found some kennels and we have a location and a contact where we've been dropping them off, and they're going to take care of them".

Until recently, USA government guidelines said many Bahamians could travel to the United States without a visa by sea or air if they had a passport and evidence of a clean police record.

Slack is based in Florida but had a second home in the Bahamas.