Act Fast: Galaxy Note 10 Now $150 Off


This September date was confirmed in July, when the company also revealed that it was making improvements to the problems detected by the first revisions, including the strengthening of the hinges.

Richard also said that Huawei is nearly ready to produce a version of the phone powered by the newly announced Kirin 990 processor, XDA Developers reported.

A spec list has shown, however, that the Galaxy Fold is being launched with Android 9 Pie instead of the Android 10 that has been recently released.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X actually fold outwards.

This is a "The Proven Form Factor" that I believe has more chance of success than the Samsung Fold or the Mate X which needs big hands to operate.

If you've been following tech news in the last few months you've undoubtedly heard about the Samsung Galaxy Fold saga.

The Fold will launch in France, Germany, Singapore and Britain on September 18.

"People have been talking about foldable screens for a long time and I remember previous CES and MWC (technology trade) events where the prototypes have come out and some of them are counter-intuitive where they open outwards, whereas we are trying to follow the consumer and people are used to opening a book up, so this is why we made a decision to focus on this form factor, which is great because it's very intuitive", Mr Pierce said. It's a odd move, given that Samsung is so close to releasing the fixed phone.

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However, it seems that "everyone" was a bit of a stretch - while the phone launched in South Korea already, according to a number of U.S Twitter users, they have received e-mails from the company that let them know their preorders have been cancelled. The Galaxy A90 5G will reportedly come with a price tag of EUR749 or about AUD1,207.

If you want to have a more private conversation, you need to fold it up so you can put the speaker up to your ear.

How Nigeria's market will react: Foldable phones are not the next wave in the Nigerian mobile market because of the price and luxury symbol they portray.

Samsung has also strengthened the durability of its ridiculously expensive smartphone.

Unfortunately, the flagship-level price of more than US$800 should at least bring monthly security updates, but Samsung has chose to put this device on the quarterly schedule. The previous version had no protection here and you could easily see the flexible screen separate from the rest of the phone, so reinforcing this area should help significantly with keeping debris out.

While Huawei has been colloquially talking about the future of its devices in Australia, including its foldable, it's hard to say if and when the Mate X could hit our shores.

Using two hands you flick the phone open like a book and it's then and only then you realise why this device exists.