World Health Organization reports measles setback in Europe as infections reach 90,000


For the first time since records began in 2012, four countries - Albania, Czech Republic, Greece and the United Kingdom - lost their status as having eliminated measles from the population. However, Austria and Switzerland attained elimination status for at least the past 36 months.

Thirty- five out of 53 European countries have retained their measles-free status.

"Re-establishment of measles transmission is concerning".

WHO Director of the Department of Immunization Vaccines and Biologicals Kate O'Brien said the world is backsliding and is not on track to eliminate the unsafe, but largely preventable disease by 2020.

The body which monitors the infection in European countries claims measles has been "re-established" in the four countries concerned.

"If high immunisation coverage is not achieved and sustained in every community, both children and adults will suffer unnecessarily and some will tragically die", said Mr Pfaff.

"We are backsliding, we are on the wrong track", said Kate O'Brien of the WHO's Immunization Department.

Professor Martin Marshall, vice-chairman of the Royal College of Global Positioning System, said the findings were "disheartening".

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More than 60,000 information packs will be delivered across the country this week before HSE vaccination teams visit secondary schools in September.

'It's clear that we're nonetheless affected by exclusively debunked claims round MMR that had been perpetuated within the nineties - and are actually resurgent on social media and different on-line platforms.

"Work is continuing across the NHS to ensure messages about the safety, and life-saving nature of vaccinations are heard, and it is encouraging that World Health Organization has increased its focus on measles elimination and upgraded action to address the challenges which have allowed this deadly virus to persist in countries including the UK". Read Also: Pinterest registers 300 Million monthly active users globally The site will also ban ads, comments or recommendations on those pages, to avoid any misinformation being shown.

Health experts say the virus has spread among school-age children whose parents declined to give them the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, which confers immunity to the disease. In the latter, vaccination against the disease will become mandatory in March 2020.

Social media changes could "help us turn the tide" on vaccine misinformation, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told CNN this week.

"Ninety-thousand cases in the first half of the year is a massive amount of measles", she said, adding that nations should be ramping up routine vaccination programs to proactively identify under-vaccinated groups.

"That's where people are", said Larson, who believes that efforts need to be made to crowd out anti-vax information.

He welcomed the news that boys can also avail of the vaccine this year, but said he wished his sister were here to see it.