OnePlus TV to come with Jio apps pre-installed in India


The company says that OnePlus TV is born out of the "Never Settle" spirit and burdenless design philosophy, which is reflected in the logo design as well. Since then the company went to its fan base for help in naming the upcoming device and it looks like we finally have a victor - the OnePlus TV. Maybe one of the OnePlus smart TVs? The company is calling it the 'first step to explore the endless possibilities in a broader spectrum'.

"The gap between the '+' and the logo edge is twice as the one between the '+' and the letter "T", which is also twice as the one between "T" and "V", added OnePlus' official blog. However, a recent report suggested that the launch could take place sometime in late September.

The company claims it was inspired by classical art forms like the ancient Hindu mandala symbol as well as the Heraion of Argos ancient Greek temple.

OnePlus is still a young brand established only a few years ago, but the company is not hesitating to foray into other departments.

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Recently, several OnePlus TV models arrived at the Bluetooth certification website, revealing the screen sizes. Alongside revealing the name of its first smart TV, the company has released the logo that will be associated with the device.

Out of all the Bluetooth SIG listed OnePlus TV sizes, only the 75-inch version is said to be US-bound. Last year, it had started the "OnePlus TV: You Name It" contest that asked its fans to name the upcoming TV.

"Yes, we are going to call our very first smart TV product 'OnePlus TV' - simple yet to-the-point - as we believe there's no other name that can best represent our value, vision and pride than naming it with our own brand", OnePlus said in a forum post.