Missing dentures found stuck in United Kingdom man's throat


The man returned to the emergency department two days later with worsening symptoms: He complained that the pain in his throat had not subsided, and was now accompanied by a hoarse voice and trouble swallowing.

An elderly British man thought his false teeth somehow fell out of his mouth during stomach surgery - just to find out they were lodged in his throat for eight days.

He couldn't even swallow the medication he was discharged with and had to sleep upright on the sofa as he found it hard to breathe when lying down. He was taken to the emergency theatre where surgeons fought tooth and nail to remove the dentures using forceps.

As it turned out, the first operating team forgot to take his dentures out before preforming surgery and the fake teeth got lodged in the man's throat without anyone noticing. Two days later however, he returned in worse shape, not having been able to swallow the medication they gave him.

On his sixth - and last - slog to the hospital, the doctors discovered a torn artery and performed another round of emergency surgery. Further examinations of his neck found nothing amiss, until a thin flexible tube with a camera on the end was inserted through his nose and into his throat. It was wedged against the man's epiglottis, a flap in the throat that keeps food from entering the windpipe and lungs, and had caused irritation and swelling. A series of X-rays finally revealed the problem: a "metallic roof plate and three front teeth" stuck in his larynx. While the man did return to the hospital due to complications following the surgery, he eventually made a complete recovery.

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Well, we're glad that this man managed to completely recover from this ordeal! The average adult has between nine and 12 pints of blood circulating inside their body, according to Live Science. The man was rushed into another emergency surgery to fix the artery and appeared to recover well from the procedure, the report said.

The report's authors urged other medical professionals to be wary if a person wears dentures before they undergo general anesthesia.

Ultimately, more surgery was needed to resolve the problem, which was revealed in a case report published by the British Medical Journal on Monday.

"This case highlights a number of important learning points". Pictured, an X-ray of the man's chest. While the patient featured in the new case report healed well, these stories don't always have a happy ending.